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The Proclaimer

Gospel Concert Planned for the Wauseon Homecoming

Philip Kolb.jpeg
Philip Kolb, Gospel Artist, Live In Concert,  Saturday, July 24th at our Homecoming Gospel Stage
Exciting news! The Homecoming will have a Gospel stage on West Elm by the church building on Saturday evening, July 24th. The plans for the free concert include guest artist, Philip Kolb who will begin to share his talent at 8:00 pm. Plans for the warm-up groups for earlier in the evening are still pending. Bring your lawn chairs or use the chairs that the church will provide. In the event of rain, the concert will be moved into the sanctuary. Don't miss this blessing for our local community!

Welcome Family and Friends to the WBC!

With a vision being realized, the members of the
Wauseon Congregational UCC are sponsoring a new club, "The Wauseon Bicycle Club (WBC)" The first activity of the club will be to help young people in the community to decorate bicycles for the Wauseon Homecoming Kiddie and Homecoming Parades. Pastor Kerr has been manning a booth at the Wauseon Farmers Market to promote the club. We hope that new members may join us in our our parade entry for the Grand Parade, Saturday, July 24th at 11:00 am. On July 31st, the WBC will host "Black Swamp Spoke and Pedal" at the Wauseon Farmers' Market for free bicycle tune-ups.

decorated bicycle.jpeg

Free Bicycle Decorations to be provided at the Wauseon Farmers' Market on July 17th

Homecoming Float To Celebrate 160 Years of Ministry

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.10.13 PM.png

Thanks to the skill of our dear Lawrence McClarren and a dedicated crew, this gorgeous Homecoming float entry in 1996 was dedicated to 135 years of ministry.

It has been 25 years since this beautiful creation rolled down Fulton Street to celebrate 135 years of ministry in Wauseon. This year, our float will feature the same cross, and celebrate today's outreach to our community. While this year's entry will be less spectacular, the proposed float design includes kites and bicycles. Look for our entry celebrating 160 years in Wauseon!

Basement Renovations Follow Generous Gift

While the church continues to raise monies for the exterior restoration of the external brick, we recently received a gift designated specifically for work in the church basement. The nursery room will be painted, and plastering to several spaces on walls of the basement main gathering room will be replaced and painted. The work will be completed by King's Pro Painting. Some additional work may be required to seal the foundation on the southwest wall of the building.

UCC Ekreider.jpg

Renovation to our historic 1904 building continue as we prepare for our plans for growth

Church Giving Gains A Virtual Status

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.41.11 PM.png
UCC Ekreider.jpg

During the days of pandemic, our "in person" worship was discontinued while our virtual presence on the Internet increased. While the substitute was the best that could be offered, there was a decline in giving that was noticeable. To facilitate the continued giving, the church board approved the addition of an online giving application for our website. Now, as we continue our in person worship, the option of online giving will continue on our website. To access the Vanco site for online giving, just click on the "Give Now" button that appears on all pages of our website. The church board encourages all contributions to include the processing fee charged by the Vanco provider.

Congratulations to Mark and Cheryl Short!

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 7.01.22 AM.png

Mark and Cheryl Short with grandson Caleb Michael

Glad tidings from the Short Family! Mark and Cheryl are celebrating 40 years together with one of two new grandsons, arriving within a week of each other.  Caleb Michael Norton, born to daughter Kendra and son-in-law Tim arrived days after the birth of Theodore Maynard Cairns to daugher, Lindsey and son-in-law. Ken. Due to Canadian Covid travel restrictions, Mark and Cheryl will have to wait to meet Theodore until the border is re-opened to American visitors. One side-note, many members of our congregation will remember the Maynard was the first name of Mark's father.

Women's Fellowship Begins A New Tradition

Joni Kerr baked180 servings of shortcake in the two church ovens. The other members of the Women's Fellowship cut up the strawberries and served the delicious treat to the public in a drive-thru setting at the east church lawn. The entire project was designed to raise funds for the building restoration project. Slightly Over $1,500.00 was raised on a beautiful Saturday morning. Thanks to the generous support of members and friends, it is hoped that that a new annual tradition will be cherished for years to come!

Shortcake! Yum,Yum,Yum.
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